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"Do something good for your body so that your soul feels like living in it"  -  Teresa of Avila

Naturopathic practice in Kirchheim

On request, we will be happy to support your Tomatis® hearing therapy with proven treatment concepts from naturopathy and alternative medicine.

In the following we would like to introduce you to some of the key areas of practice.

Can allergies, susceptibility to infections and child developmental delays have a connection?

The connecting element is the intestine!

A good 80% of our immune system is located there.

This is where most of the communication between the outside world (bacteria) and the inside world (intestinal mucosa) takes place.

What are the main functions of the intestine?

It produces vitamins, hormones and enzymes, detoxifies through excretion. The intestine mainly converts the food supplied to it and thus makes it usable for the body.

How can a child's intestinal mucosa become unbalanced?





nutritional advice

  • Autismus

  • Entwicklungsverzögerung

  • "ADHS/ADS"

  • Nahrungsmittel unverträglichkeiten


laboratory diagnostics,

KPU & gut health

Wissenschaftler am Tablet

Omega 3/6

self test

  • (School) stress in any form

  • antibiotics

  • cesarean birth

  • (unbalanced diet

What consequences could a disturbed intestinal mucosa have?


  • bloating/diarrhea

  • constipation


  • forgetfulness

  • sudden outbursts of emotion

  • difficulty falling asleep

  • learning disabilities

  • school difficulties

Why is the child's intestine special?

No child is born with an "adult" intestine .

It takes time for this to mature and be functional.

Basically, the child's intestinal flora develops in several stages.

It changes, for example, when the diet is switched from milk to porridge .

The intestinal flora only stabilizes from the age of about five years and then resembles that of adults.

What has to be done now...?

With simple but meaningful examinations (including stool and urine),

effective treatments can be initiated.

A laboratory specializing in this, Biovis MVZ GmbH ,  with whom we have been working trustingly for years, can bring clarity here.

Feel free to contact us

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