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"Let's give our children "roots" and "wings"!" - Dorothea Beigel



This training can be done alone or in combination with Tomatis® Hearing Therapy.


What are early childhood reflexes?

Early childhood reflexes develop in the womb and in the first months of life. They are essential for the child's survival because they initiate important motor development steps.
As the brain continues to mature, it eventually becomes possible to transform involuntary movement into automated or voluntary movement.

These movement patterns molded into us form our inner balance compass and are networked with auditory and visual processing and tactile perception.
If a coherent perception of one's own body and the world is formed, the task of the early childhood reflexes is fulfilled - they have been integrated by the child.

Now the child can concentrate on cognitive abilities without much effort (e.g. writing, arithmetic, but also learning the language well).

What is ENWAKO®?

ENWAKO® is a training with which the early childhood reflexes can mature on the one hand, but are also inhibited again after they have fulfilled their task.


Furthermore, the visual as well as the auditory processing is trained in equal measure.

With a detailed diagnosis, physical movement patterns are now examined (are early childhood reflexes still visible)?
The visual perception system is examined for the function of, for example, the eye muscles, the adjustment of the eye lens or the speed of vision.
With the help of the Tomatis hearing diagnostics, the hearing processing can be tested in a differentiated way (e.g. directional hearing - does a tone or noise come from the left or right?

Or the ability to distinguish high and low tones).

Where can ENWAKO® training help?

  • Attention and concentration problems

  • hyperactivity or dreaminess

  • quick fatigue

  • Gross and fine motor problems

  • anxiety

  • language developmental abnormalities

  • a messy typeface

  • but also outbursts of anger

  • or difficulty in copying and reading

  • These are just a few examples that still bring to mind active early childhood reflexes

What does ENWAKO® training look like?

If the parents and child decide in favor of ENWAKO® training after the detailed diagnostics, then they come to the practice for training at intervals of approx. 4-6 weeks.
The daily time commitment for training at home is about 10 minutes.
In this way, the conditions are created to achieve the best possible result - to integrate the early childhood reflexes and thus give the children the opportunity to mature in their development.

This training can be done alone or in combination with Tomatis® Hearing Therapy.

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